Bob Pants for #memademay2021

Hello long time no see. I didn’t do too bad blogging last year but like everyone else life sometimes gets in the way of blogging and being sociable.

This is a blog for Fabrics For All. Sarah has been open all lockdown for phone advice, click and collect and posting and now the shop is open. Because there is nothing nicer than going in knowing what you came in for and coming out with more. Don’t worry we all do it.

As a woman of a certain age cool fabrics really appeal and linen is a super fabric for layering to feel comfortable. I haven’t yet accepted the creased look though. I can see my mum looking over and saying ‘has your iron broken?’ but a perfect compromise is viscose linen. Oh my goodness. This fabric washes well, irons beautifully, will take a press and gives me enough of a gentle crinkle to still feel comfortable.

Style Arc Bob Pants

Just look a that colour, its going to look lovely with a tan (or rust as its raining at the moment in Yorkshire)

I think everyone except me has made at least one pair of Bob Pants and I can see why. Style Arc instructions are few but complete, you just have to make sure you understand what you are reading. So these go together so quickly. I did make sure every edge was overlocked as I think in warmer weather these will be worn and washed regularly. They will go with flats and a tee shirt for casual work wear and also with a nice top and sandals for a visit to a pub garden (remember them?)

Look at that lovely overlocking.

Look at that overlocking, the fabric took it so nicely. I usually mix three colours and these were black, gold and cream but the seams were sewn in white.

The only issue I had was when I came to the elastic. The instructions have you sew the elastic to the waistband, fold and then sew the waistband to the top of the trousers. With a stable fabric I can see that works ok but this linen mix has a soft weave and is therefore mobile when trying to sew the waistband on.

This is the elastic being sewn along the middle of the waistband

As so many others have successfully sewn these I put the question to Instagram and the majority of people agreed that it was easier to sew on the waistband and then put the elastic in, so that’s what I did and everything looks fine.

So do I like them? No, I love them. They feel cool and comfortable and in this fabric they feel smart. I know I am going back for some more of this viscose linen mix, it will be perfect for shorts and skirts too.

Of course its #MeMadeMay2021 and my little sidekick Heather wanted some too and as long as I cut my pockets off bias I had enough to make her a pair too.

Garden photos in the rain

For anyone who doesn’t know, Heather was created after seeing Sarah’s Luna Lapin rabbits. From felt again provided by Sarah. Most of Heathers clothes and accessories are created at the same time as mine. Cutting out can be really fiddly at times but always worth it. This is todays Me Made May of No Socks Day. The day when it should be warm enough to ditch the socks and get our toes out. In the interest of honesty these photos were taken yesterday when it was ‘spitting’ as today it is definitely raining. Roll on summer.

I really recommend this fabric its so soft and easy to work with.

Thank you Sarah, Fabrics For All for gifting me this fabric. What I made from it was my choice.

Happy Sewing K xXx

Christmas Outfit Sorted

Well that’s my Christmas outfit sorted. After months of wearing only lycra (cycling) or lounge wear (pyjamas) I really think I need to make an effort if only for my poor hubby.

Having been furloughed most of this year and then redundant I have used some of my free time to help pattern test. Homer and Howells brought out the Innes this year which I helped test so when they asked if I wanted to help test their Lennox I was straight in. Their patterns and instructions are a little bit different and produce some lovely results.

40 plus years ago I had an incident with a boilersuit bought from Marks & Spencer. I was early teens and going out with my then boyfriend and later husband. A family Christmas party at his parents house meant I needed a new outfit, a black cord zip up with a white polo neck long sleeve jumper underneath. I was the bees knees (I thought) until I went to the loo and the zip came off in my hand!!! Mortified is the word you are looking for. After shouting for hubby he had to get me a needle and thread and I had to lay down on the floor and sew myself in. Everyone wanted to know what was happening and I just wanted to get home asap. Never again I said. Until now.

I knew I didn’t want to make a linen or denim one, yet, as that’s what the Homer & Howells test versions were in and I had seen some lovely aubergine cotton in Fabrics For All which I hoped would be OK.

Leeds was on lock down at the time and Sarah had been in store sorting posting orders and click and collect. A quick phone call and after I described what I was making she confirmed this would be suitable. Its actually nicer in real life. It has a really rich colour and lovely soft smooth handle. It sewed like a dream and took a press nicely.

That’s the benefit of having someone to talk to and ask advice. Buying the wrong fabric can be costly and demoralising when it doesn’t sew like you need it to.

This is a really clever design. Full length legs or cropped and a shirt option. Its made as a top with collar (excellent instructions, its only my 3rd collar) and trousers with a zip. Again really clever instructions which I had no problems with. The two parts both have tailoring folds in them and are then put together with a waistband. You can see here in this photo. You can also put elastic in the back waistband to give a different effect.

Pockets!!! Did I mention it has pockets.

When I took these photos I didn’t have the poppers to close the front. I still don’t. These must be lost in the post so this is held together with sellotape and safety pins. Sound familiar?

This will be great with a thin jumper under in cooler weather (like the white polo I had) but because I made the cropped version it will be great in warmer weather, when we can get out and about. I definitely need more collar practice but I am really pleased with the results.

Go have a look at the #hhlennox there are some amazing versions and the pattern is available with a discount until Christmas.

Well done Homer & Howell for another fabulous pattern.

Thank you Sarah Fabrics For All for the fabric, it really does suit the pattern well.

Season Greetings and happy sewing K xXx

An Old Lady in her Pants & Vest!

He-he lets see how many views this gets on the internet.

Sorry, hello and welcome to my September blog for Fabrics For All.

Don’t you just love it when the perfect fabric meets the perfect pattern at the same time. Back in August I went to see Sarah and bought the fabric for my garden cushions.

She had just had a jersey delivery in and this tencel jersey in grey just jumped out at me. I had just been accepted as a pattern tester for Made It Patterns new Go Shorties and Cami pattern and this looked perfect.

We started with the shorties and I used spare offcuts of jersey fabric.

First test versions

These first two pairs were in size 16 (my waist size) and size 14 (my hip size) because these are in a really stretchy jersey both are ok and I have worn both pairs mostly as very comfy sleepwear.

The pattern was tweaked and I felt confident with the changes to make the next ones in the ‘proper’ test fabric. My goodness, all my underwear needs to be made from tencel jersey. It’s soft, stretchy with great recovery and the colours stay with washing (because these have been washed many times!)

These are NOT old lady knickers! these are dream pants. This pair is finished with bands and due to the excellent stretch recovery of the fabric I didn’t use elastic as you can/should. I had made the cami too but we were waiting for a colourblock version to test so I made sure I had enough fabric and made a Rest Vest with some plain black jersey I had.

Rest Vest and Go Shorties
Rest Vest

I have walked in these, cycled, run, lounged and slept. The perfect fabric and pattern combination. Made It Patterns really are clever.

Then we were given the next pattern test with colour combining options. I picked out the mustard within the pattern and this was the result.

Perfect Go Shorties & Cami

These are just so clever. The construction like the Rest Vest is clear and effective. You even get options of how to complete. Fold over elastic or bands. One colour or more. They really are excellent for using all those little scraps you might have in your stash!!

What only me?? No I didn’t think so.

I haven’t yet made the colourblock Go Shorties but I will in reverse with my tencel scraps. Nothing of this fabric will be wasted.

I notice that Sarah has more tencel jersey in store so need to go visit. All underwear needs to be in this fabric.

Thank you Sarah, Fabrics For All for gifting me this fabric and Made It Patterns for letting me help test this pattern.

What are you waiting for, go, go go.

Happy sewing,

K xXx

All the Habby

Hello, happy August, hope your summer is a warm, safe and happy one. I am still at home on furlough. To keep busy I have volunteered for any and every sewing pattern test as this really pushes me to try new styles and techniques I might otherwise avoid or put off (I am the worlds worst procrastinator!)

When you test there might be more than one version needing to be sewn up and so you need to sew with the recommended fabric but not your best/most expensive fabric until you know the pattern works OK for you without lots of adjustments.

Homer & Howell recently released their Innes pattern this is my version one I made for them before they made a few slight adjustments. I love it!

Homer & Howell Innes Top

So when hunting through my stash for suitable fabric I obviously came across lots of other fabric, bought online usually but by the time they arrived I had moved onto the next project, come on its not just me, is it?

Sarah at Fabrics for All has a growing collection of haberdashery so I thought for a different blog a visit was in order to match some of my fabrics to patterns I already own.

The weather was lovely when I visited and I had just brought out my wooden bench into the garden, it needs re staining but definitely needed new cushions to perk it up. Sarah had some waterproof canvas and I bought just enough to make 2 18 inch cushion covers. These are very basic fold around envelope covers. This fabric sewed so easy on my machine and with no fraying there are no seams.

Just short of a gin & tonic

So, back to habby. One of the fabrics I rediscovered was bought originally to make a heatproof case for someone who travels a lot (or did!) to put her straighteners in but a hurtful comment stopped me and the fabric went into stash. Perfect for me for one of those drawstring makeup bags. I don’t wear make up but it will be useful in the Moho or holidays for carrying toiletries. To avoid waste I worked out how big a circle I could cut (19 inch) with a little strip of fabric down the side left for a covering flap. There are many tutorials on YouTube and I just picked one that suited by needs and fabric.

Can you see the drawn circle?

So this is my drawn circle using a pen and a piece of tape pinned to the centre and I cut out two circles. The drawstring needs a channel to run through and Sarah has a good selection of bias binding I picked red and with it you fold the bias in half and pin all around the right side of one circle piece, folding in the two short edges to leave a gap for the drawstring.

All the pins

With the scrap of fabric left you cut two pieces 6 x 3 inch, round one short side and sew them together leaving a gap down the side to turn. Turn through, press the open edge in and top stitch all around the edge. This is then sewn to the other circle.

The covering flap

The flap part covers the other circle where the drawstrings come out. With right sides facing the two circles are sewn together leaving a turning gap down the side. Sew, turn, press and top stitch around the circle.

And this is the end result with red cord from Sarah,

Finished result

Thrilled with this simple make I wanted to move on to simple bag making. Spencer Ogg has an amazing Facebook group where people share hints and tips and she has a free pattern for a sanitiser pouch and coin purse on her site which I decided to make before making the Sport Luxe Tote

For this I had this bee and dragonfly stash fabric but need a lining for my bag, interfacing and more cord. Sarah to the rescue. She has plenty of cottons to match to my outer fabric and different weight interfacing so I tried medium and heavy. She is also great at picking matching thread something I am useless at. This is the fabric I picked for my lining.

On the left are my sanitiser and coin pouch which I use to keep clean masks in and on the right are some pouches I posted to an online friend.

When you buy the Spencer Ogg Sport Luxe pattern it comes with a link to a YouTube video which holds your hand and shows you one seam at a time how to make the bag. This was good for me as there are two zips, one outside and one to make an inside pocket. All new techniques for me.

Inside zipped pocket. Thank goodness for wonder tape!

D rings, handles and front zip under a flap, my bees are lined up but not pattern matched, oops.

I also learnt that pins are no good, they wont go through all the layers and distort the fabric too much so nothing lines up. Luckily I have loads of wonder clips.

Birth of a bag.

Birth of a bag through the lining, fascinating, it never ceases to amaze me.

Press, press, press. Then a bit of top-stitching around the top to hold everything in its place. Then the fun bit of threading the cords through the top. So this bag has handles if you want or draws up with the cords to be a backpack.

It fits loads in but isn’t an over large bag and it has given me so much more confidence with bag making.

So that’s my habby blog for August for Fabrics for All. It was great to choose a lining to compliment my bag outer fabric, the interfacings were both brilliant and have given the bag shape and structure and will avoid it going baggy in use. The cords and bias finish my makes off perfectly.

Thank you Sarah. Fabric and habby were gifted but what I made were my own choices.

And if anyone is missing Heather, don’t worry she is still about!

Happy Sewing K xXx

A Toile of a Pleasure

Hi Guys, how are we all. I am very up and down and don’t think I am alone there. The Yorkshire weather is rubbish, after the week heatwave in June we have had some rain EVERY BLOODY DAY!!!! But all family is fine so for that I am grateful and I have sewing time.

Sarah at Fabrics for All offered me my choice of fabric last month and as I had my wedding anniversary and a wedding reception to go to both on the 4th July I decided to make myself a dress and chose this fabric.

Printed Crepe

Lovely, isn’t it!

Lucky me I won a PDF pattern of my choice from A Common Stitch competition I had been entered into by @ukpoppyberry and I chose the Fawn dress. This is a beautiful, very simple construction dress with really neat bias binding edges (I love finishing hems with bias too). So I decided to do a toile. I don’t usually and I have learned that you need to use a similar fabric to toile as your finished dress will be. I had a light weight piece of curtain fabric and used that. Big mistake!! If it looks like a curtain, hangs like a curtain and feels like a curtain. Get the picture.

Its much nicer than this photo!

Rubbish result but the dress pattern is lovely and I am going to make another one in a cotton lawn or seersucker.

So, second toile. After having much success with the Tilly Buttons Make it Simple book I thought I would try the Suki dress with a lovely microfibre duvet cover I found in Lidl.

Guess what? If it looks like a duvet, hangs like a duvet and you feel like you are wearing a duvet. Get the picture?

Looks like a duvet

There are a lot of lovely Suki dresses on IG but mine will not be joining them. One thing I did learn was it slides backwards on me like the Stevie does so looks like I need to learn a forward shoulder adjustment then I will make again in a nicer, lighter fabric.

So, can you tell I was getting fed up of failures by now. My anniversary is just another day (with a nice bottle of red) and the wedding reception was changed to the 11th then changed to wedding 11th and reception next year. So I didn’t need a dress, yippee back to being practical.

When Sarah gifts me fabric her only rule is that I make something I like and will wear. My most worn items this year after tee shirts are definitely my Safiya trousers. I have two pairs already. One in cobra corsage and my last ones in Sevenberry linen mix so a third pair in crepe was a no brainer and I am thrilled with the results. This fabric takes a press beautifully and hardly creases. It’s crepe on the front side and smooth and silky on the back so no sticking to my legs when I walk – and it has pockets.


So, many lessons learned and nothing will be wasted don’t worry.

Use a similar fabric to toile as the end result will be.

Stop buying duvet covers unless for the bed.

Learn how to do forward shoulder adjustments.

And look, this is how long I keep my scraps of all sizes.

Every last scrap

Thank you Sarah for the fabric, I love my new trousers.

Fabric was gifted but was my choice along with the pattern I made.

Happy sewing K xXx

Two Fiddly Fabrics with Fabby Results

Hi Guys how are we all? Life is a bit different at the moment isnt it. Some are working harder, shops, homeschooling parents also working from home. Then there are people like me, kids grown up and left home and furloughed from work. The latter sounds to the former like bliss but its hard not knowing when work will start again and free time takes on a whole new meaning.

Sewing fills that gap perfectly. Crafting and creating is satisfying on so many levels and its good to make clothes and furnishings useful and needed.

For my Fabrics For All make this month I have 2 fabrics that are a little more fiddly but give fabulous results. Linen and linen mix and a viscose jersey.

For the linen I decided to mix two colours and make the Kabuki Tee by Paper Theory Patterns. The example on their website is plain white and looks stunning but anyone who knows me knows I love my bright colours. My choices were the tropical print linen mix in ochre, this is a viscose/linen mix and a hot pink ramie for the sleeves. I washed my fabrics first and both fabrics softened really well especially the viscose mix. This is so soft now against the skin. The pattern is simply front, back and sleeves. Just really quirky shapes to get the right angles on the fit.


Linen frays quite badly and in hindsight I should have overlocked the cut out pieces before sewing together. They went together really well at the corners but then the fraying started so I have ironed on some knit stay tape to fix the edges. This should save it when washing and wearing and its already had quite some wear as its such a lovely loose, cool pattern to wear. The neckline was finished in some pink bias binding I already had and then of course I had to make one for Heather my sidekick.


The next fiddly fabric is a splodgy viscose jersey. Its only fiddly because its soft and slippy but when made up thats where the lovely drape comes from. It doesnt stick to your shape like a cotton jersey but skims. A little more flattering when you have an increased lockdown waistline!!

A few years ago I was persuaded by other bloggers that a walking foot for my Bernina was a sound investment and it was. It hardly ever comes off my machine. It not only feeds fabric evenly but it has many markings on the foot for lining up seams and hems.


During MeMadeMay2020 Lisa @ukpoppyberry shared how she altered the neckline on the Tilly and the Buttons Tabitha Tee This is the one from the Make it Simple book. Its a really good book and I have made quite a few things from it already. I liked the Tabitha as it has straight sides, not fitted, so I thought this viscose jersey would drape nicely.


I trimmed my pattern as she advised and remeasured the neckline for the binding. As this fabric is very stretchy I cut 80% of the neckline measurement for the binding and this went in well. It could have taken a bit less too but I am quite happy with the fit. My way of fitting necks is to quarter and pin on the binding. Then I sew with a zigzgag (easy to unpick if necessary). If its ok I overlock to tidy the ends then I zig zag down the band from the rightside using the markers on my walking foot. The hem and sleeves were just ironed up and the walking foot zig zagged nicely over to hold down the edges.

With the new lower neckline and the straight sides I think this could become my go to tee. I have so many variations to try too, its lovely as a ringer tee with coloured bands and also I still need to try it with longer sleeves.

Again my sidekick needed her own version.


So thats another two lovely makes from Fabrics For All.

Fabrics were provided to me, both fabric and pattern choices were my own.

Sarah is re opening tomorrow at 10am. Well done for keeping things going.

Thank you and Good Luck.

Happy Sewing K xXx


Down the Rabbit Hole

Hi crafter’s, how are you all coping out there. I should have been abroad so took a week off work anyway. Went back to work as a key worker but have now been furloughed.

Comments on Instagram make me believe we are all in the same way of thinking. It’s hard to concentrate too long on anything. My house should be spotless and my garden perfect but it isn’t, yet!

What we all need are little projects that hold our attention for 30 mins which we can put down and come back to later. Cooking, baking, sock knitting and a little hand sewing.

Sarah @fabricsforall has created lots of little kits and her latest kit is a picture kit of a hand embroidered hare I was lucky enough to be one of her testers for this kit and really enjoyed the process.


Everything comes in a little paper bag, instructions, fabrics, threads and a pattern ready to cut out.


After cutting out the pattern you have to choose which fabric you would like each piece to be made of.

When you are happy then you can trace the shapes onto Bondaweb and fuse to the back of the fabrics in reverse ready to cut out.


The plain backing fabric is also provided and you can then bond the pieces in the right place.


Then the fun starts and you embroider around or on top. Eyes, nose and outlines.

You can see this can all be done in little stages, it can be put down and picked up when you need to keep your hands busy.

I loved doing this and can imagine it in blue or pink fabric highlights, framed with a child’s name and date of birth above and below it. It will make a lovely keepsake.

I had forgotten how much I love hand sewing and have ended up buying the Luna Lapin book ready to make a rabbit. Sarah has all the different felts in stock for Luna and has provided me with some to make my first Luna. Go have a look at the website and guess which colour I have chosen. Sarah is still posting out regularly and I have just bought this rhapsody fat quarter pack ready to make Luna some clothes.

Thanks to Sarah for the embroidery kit and for reigniting my love of hand sewing, also for the felt ready for my first Luna. I think I am ready to fall down that rabbit hole.

Happy sewing K xXx

More Filey than Fuerteventura


Hello and welcome to a little ray of sunshine in this very unsettled world.

This is me last year in Fuerteventura and should be me next week but……no. In the great scheme of things it’s not the end of the world but drastic changes are happening and not all of them are in our control but we have to support local shops that we would like to still be there when we come out of the tunnel, whenever that is.

On that note this is my March blog for Fabrics for All in Leeds. Sarah is still open for business in person and on line and its up to us to help and support her and our other local shops

So…..that top I am wearing is no longer with us. I came home with a new pair of black shorts and this top ended up in the same wash load and was ruined. It’s a Maria Denmark Signe Top  and dress. My original top was in a single jersey and I knew I needed something with a little more body but really good stretch and recovery as I wear this over my bikini top when we go walking so I don’t get strap marks. Sarah has a lovely selection of suitable jerseys for this top and I chose this cactus print. Look at the other choices though.

This is such a quick and easy make. The front is double layers with the upper front and  straps all in one piece. The two layers are sewn together and turned right side out, then sewn to the lower front piece. The back piece has elastic sewn to it’s top edge then it’s turned over and sewn again enclosing the elastic. Sew sides together, hem and finish, easy.

By this time I was really into #memadeholiday2020 and having bought this lovely gold dotted fabric for Christmas decided on a Burda pattern I had seen @fehrtrade make for herself and her mum. I hate tracing out so bought this pattern from the US Burda site as a single pdf. Very faffy but well worth it.

I am really trying to slow down and finish my makes neat and tidy. This Okeo Tex Glitter Dot Poppy fabric sewed like a dream. As usual I washed it first then had a panic about ironing and melting the dots but it actually took the steam iron perfectly with no change. The very odd shaped sleeves are a double layer of fabric. The inner curve you can see is where they are sewn to the armholes. I took my time and fully basted these before sewing to make sure everything went together ok and it did.

The neck band went on perfectly by using 75% of measurement and I zig zagged the seams down to finish. The hems were pressed up, sewn and trimmed on the inside with my trusty Ernest Wright duck billed scissors. It leaves a really neat edge.

Last but not least is my Maria Denmark Birgitte Basic Tee I make a new one of these for most of my holidays. It has a lovely shape, not too fitted but not boxy and the neck line for me is perfect (also just seen it’s on sale!) Again I was looking for a jersey with some body and excellent recovery. This seagull fabric is certainly more suitable for Filey.

Carefully pinned fabric for stripe matching and my trusty walking foot meant the sides look ok. For the neck band I measured 75% again and made sure the dark blue edge showed.

So I am beach ready now whenever we can fly again or desperately hoping for a fantastic Yorkshire summer.

Thank you to Sarah Fabrics for All for providing these lovely fabrics. The fabrics and patterns I made were my choices.

Lets stay safe out there and try to ensure we all come out the other side by supporting our local shops.

Happy Sewing K xXx

Springlike Camden

Last month I went to some of the Sewcials run by Sarah at Fabrics for All after hours on a Thursday. These are a great way to meet new like minded Sewists and share all the different techniques. It’s also an opportunity to stroke all the fabrics. Whilst there I spotted a beautiful roll of corduroy just in and couldn’t stop stroking it. This one is called Rose Pavillion and at first I thought it was a perfect autumn fabric but on looking closer it has pink, gold and light green so is perfect for spring too.

See what I mean?

At first I thought this was perfect for a Tilly and the buttons Ness skirt and it is (because I have a purple cord one) but I have never lined a skirt and I have the Nina Lee Camden pattern and that has instructions for lining so I thought I would try that and learn a new technique. Cord skirts stick to tights so really need a lining.

Did I mention it also has massive pockets!

Look at those pockets!

These are huge, you line them first, trim and turn and then topstitch onto the fronts. In the spirit of trying to use up spare pieces of fabric I found this slippery fabric that has beaten me as a top but was perfect for pocket linings. It’s actually a lime green stripe but you can’t see that unless you look inside my pocket. Another newish technique for me was to insert an invisible zip and gosh I kept putting this off. YouTube is perfect for seeing things done, I am a visual learner and one trick I learnt was to iron on tape to support where the zip goes.

This is my older Bernina 801 but this is the one I have the right zip foot for. I oiled her and tried all the stitches on plain fabric to make sure she was running ok then tried to insert the zip. Oh dear!! good job I supported the zip area with tape. Corduroy doesnt like to be unpicked but thats what I had to do, twice!! In the end I gave in and used my newer Bernina 350 with its narrow zip foot, almost perfect. Except by procrastinating for so long I should have added the waistband before inserting the zip. No worry that’s what hook and eyes were created for. You are also supposed to line the skirt before the zip so I got everything in the wrong order. My fault not the instructions. I used a brown anti static lining and decided to french seam the sides and narrow hemmed the bottom making sure it is shorter than the skirt.

I wear my Ness skirt every week to work and want this skirt to be the same. Lining it makes it more comfortable to wear and prolongs the life of the skirt. Win, win. I wanted to finish the hem of the skirt with bias binding but for now I have overlocked and turned up a small amount. I want to be sure after wearing a few times its the right length.

Yorkshire has had three weekends of rain and gales, not very good for blog photos but on Sunday we had a window of sun so off we rushed out to the garden.

I love the length and think it looks fine with thick tights and boots. With the light colours I also think this will be lovely with sandals and a tee shirt so I am really happy now with this make. I will make this pattern again probably in a dark denim for next winter but for now I am moving onto Spring and lighter colours.

My blog for Fabrics for All next month is all about jerseys for holidays. Expect cactus and seagulls.

Thank you to Sarah at Fabrics for All for providing the fabric. It was my choice as was the pattern I decided to make.

Happy Sewing K xXx

No wrinkles on this Nora!



Hello, Happy New Year and Decade!!

This first blog had to be a bit special as I might look back on it in 10 years and give the kids a giggle. It was supposed to a quick blog back in December but life got in the way so hey, here we are. Another lovely french terry from Fabrics For All for their first blog from me for 2020. As soon as I saw this I knew it needed to be a snuggly cardigan as it has a lovely soft brushed back that feels warm as you put it on and such warm colours.

Tilly and the Buttons had released their add on cardigan pattern to the Nora jumper at the back end of last year and I have to admit as soon as I saw it released my PayPal money was winging its way across the internet to be swopped for a pdf. Tilly had already written a way of adapting the Nora but if someone has gone to the trouble of doing all the hard work I am happy to pay. The add on is for the fronts and bands, you need the original pattern for the back and sleeves.

Image result for tilly and the buttons nora

Gorgeous isn’t it!

As ever the instructions are well written as is the pdf and it all goes together like a dream.


My walking foot is hardy ever off my machine these days, it just makes jersey, ponte and terry all behave perfectly. As you can see in these photos I used the inner foot guide for the first topstitch pass of the band and washi tape for the second.

And did I say, it has pockets!!!!

Pocket, bottom band and side

This is a close up of the fabric showing the pocket, double stitching of the front bands and the bottom edge. It’s a really clever construction for that bottom edge, everything gets concealed inside when its turned around.

Trying to take good photos at this time of year is a nightmare as these silly out takes show

So when the sun came out this afternoon we were straight up to Morley. The top photo is taken in the Beryl Burton memorial garden. A local lass who achieved 122 National titles and 7 world titles. She dominated distance cycling and held records that took years to be beaten by both women and men.

The Nora add on is a pdf and cost £6.50, well worth it as its beautifully drafted.

The fabric was provided by Fabrics for All but was my choice and I chose what to make with it. Thank you Sarah.

Also Sarah has started a social evening on a Thursday and I am looking forward to meeting more people there and sharing ideas.

Until next time,

Happy Sewing K xXx