Monochrome Madness


   One of the reasons for sewing was to try and control adding a little bit of colour into a drab world. I work in accounts where the men wear suits and I try not to blend in too much with the wallpaper. Very difficult (see the last photo) BUT we all need practical clothing that’s useful ie black. 

When I found this Swoon fabric from Faberwood I knew it had to join my life and how pleased was I when this goodie box came through the post. Honestly though I didn’t like the feel of the fabric but Fiona did say how to wash it and as a goodie I always do. That’s when it came to life. Once washed and ironed it was lovely and draped perfectly. I know it’s winter but I need some holiday/summer clothes and I am trying to sew a mix. I had seen the Luna pants pattern by Made by Rae when they came out and these have become a match made in heaven. I bought 2m and at £7.99 per half metre it wasn’t cheap but I think that shows. The fabric sewed beautifully and as I didn’t want to add bulk I pinked the inside edges. The pants have large pockets but the top inside is caught into the waistband so this holds them nice and flat. I have inserted the elastic waist but as I won’t be wearing them yet I have left the safety pin in (hoping the running mileage will increase soon and loose a bit of tub).

 The next black is a stunning merino that I bought last year from Kitschy Coo. First mistake was to cut out on the living room floor!! It’s distorted the fabric and it shows in the result. Hey ho wavy hem I am talking to you. Second mistake being so proud of my twin needling but not putting on the walking foot. Duh they do work together. Again I bought 2m at £10 per half metre and was determined to get two articles out of the length. I cut another TATB Agnes (no 6?) and a Wendy Ward Brightside Shrug ever practical. The shrug is so easy to put together. I tested a scrap on my overlocker and it was wavy but with the diff at 1.5 it went through perfectly. I had had to cut the shrug with a seam up the back to get it all on but you wouldn’t know. This is perfect for work when the heating goes off and we freeze upstairs. I will also make some in brighter colours for summer. 
So lessons learned. 

Don’t cut sweater knit on carpet. Don’t forget the walking foot on hems. Black has a place in the wardrobe just be selective and not too much.

Colour will resume next week.


Carpet cutting
Wavy hem Agnes

Brightside Shrug on Christine

Fabric walls!!


6 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness

  1. Fabric walls! That’s a blast from the past, didn’t know they still did them. Tell your boss he needs a trip to Fabworks for a revamp!
    Those pants look fab, and a good idea to leave on the safety pin til you’re gonna be wearing them. When I made my pull on jeans I made them a bit tight in the waist, living in hope. Alas, I’ve not noticed a difference yet!! ✂️😃✂️


  2. Monochrome will look fabulous against bright colours. It’s the duty of people who sew to bring colour into the working world! I do my best. It’s really rare to see a British man who wears colour, even a pastel shade. The Luna pants look great for summer, really useful.


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