Colour has Been Resumed

  Following last weeks boring (but practical) black I needed to inject some colour back into my life. I keep putting my hand into the pile of fabric that is breeding and insisting what I pull out of it gets sewn before anything else. Tuesday’s treasure was a very thin galaxy jersey I bought on eBay April 2014 for £4.98. Bargain!! There was only just enough to squeeze out a TATB Agnes. It’s a bit psychedelic and hasn’t come out well in the photo but you can just seen Christine’s inner workings so you can see its thin.  Another 1m out of the stash though.
  Because I had sewn stash my next make gets to be a new buy. This was a Girl Charlee Sangria Bird Sweater knit in a lovely rich berry pink. My photo doesn’t do it justice.  I bought 1m for £9.45. It’s described as ‘light to medium weight perfect for tops, cardigans and cover ups’. The edges when cut drop little loops but it’s not fraying. I should have probably overlocked but I ended up just sewing zig zag and that’s worked out fine. For a pattern I chose the Olivia Oversize Tee from Maria Denmark in size large, described as super relaxed and easy to sew. Perfect match. I had to do the neck twice as usual but it unpicked ok and I think it looks better now. I can see this with capris, jeans or shorts. 

  The last item I finished this week was a UFO I found under the desk (the box of shame). Another jersey eBay, another Agnes. I think this was the second I did and remember being really disappointed. Now I realise it was not a fabric fail but just miss matched. White dots on pink very lightweight jersey. Another very cold snap in Yorkshire meant I needed more pyjamas. I had some where I didn’t like the top but the red bottoms were fine. Another practice neckline and a bit of finishing off and I had a another pair and another 1m ticked off as finished. Result.

  The top photo is a teeshirt I received through the post this week from Redbubble. As a sewing Trekie I couldn’t resist. I get dafter as I get older but hey, life is too short. 

So all in all a good sewing week.

Aim of this next week is to try some of the stitches on my new Bernina and crack on with my Dewsbury fabric makes.

Happy stitching

K xXx


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