Me Made Work & Others Bits

As with blogging my MMMay16 was a little toe in the water. Although I have been watching you all for the last four years I only really started making things this year but after the success of my Me Made Holiday I had to give it a go.

Papas Fish Restaurant

Weekends aren’t a problem as I wear casual most of the time except for when we went out to Papas Fish Restaurant for Pats birthday (FIL’s girlfriend) and I wore my Lady Skater dress. But I wanted to address my main dress problem for work. I work with Management in an accounts office where the men all wear suits. I am not nor ever will be an accountant but still need to look smart. As soon as May comes around some others get out the flip flops whilst I am still in black skirts and court shoes. Yuk, I need more colour.

One top I made last month was the Scarlett Cowl by Patty Do English, only 2.99 Euros this looks ok with my plain black skirt. As my tummy is as wide as my hips I need to go back and take off the flare. This is one of those wash and wear viscous jersey fabrics for less than £10 per metre that doesn’t need ironing. A winner in my book.

Scarlett Cowl

Next came 2 skirts. Dragon Fly fabrics sell offcuts and I pounced on a 80cm offcut of their Raspberry Ponte Jersey for about £7 or £8, perfect for a Mabel. I didn’t fancy the negative ease, having a round tummy, thank you, so I cut a large but it was massive. So I just re over locked the seams again, trimming a few cms off all around. I have left it unlined for now but for winter and thick tights I will either line it or make a suitable underskirt.

The next skirt I made was the Liesl & Co Everyday Skirt. Girls this is a fabulous pattern. It has a front, back and sides. The front and sides are sewn together and then the front is gathered slightly so it all matches the waistband length. The waistband is sewn on and then top stitched.

I hand basted it first to keep it all tidy. My Bernina came with a blind hem foot which I lined up against the edge of the waistband and moved the needle over until it did a lovely topstitch. Then the back it sewn on. This is higher than the waistband on the front and sides so when sewn on it folds over level making a casing which you separate into two channels to insert elastic.

Twin casing

Wow that sounded more complicated than it is. Basically you have a front with kind gathers, flat sides so you don’t look too hippy and a gently elasticated back. OMG I forgot to say, it has pockets too between the front and the sides.

Everyday Skirt

My last make was my second Moneta in some lovely weight, randomly dotty, aubergine jersey from Fabworks. I only live and work about 3 miles away so I went to collect my order in my lunch break. Chatty me ended up meeting the family (including Lucy the dog) and having a little tour around. Let me tell you girls this was torture!! Lovely people, yards of stunning fabric. I just want to go work there with them all now (please George I am very versatile).

The Moneta has turned out lovely and will be perfect for work. I see a lot more of these in my life and in Autumn I will just make more with longer sleeves.

The other bits I mentioned are socks. I don’t know about you all but I sew upstairs and sometimes feel a bit guilty leaving hubby (unless he is watching the Motor Racing) alone for too long. I found one set of 4 needles in my house (far too big) and a kind beginners pattern on line and had a go. I love sock knitting now. So much so I ordered the right size needles for the wool and pattern I have (and more wool and a book). I am now on my third sock. Having one to fit Big Foot and 2 for me. I put the two different sized socks on IG to show how important tension and the right size needles is.


Then obviously I needed a bag to carry around my project. We have a market in Morley and there is a curtain making stall where they sell the offcuts for £1. Bargain. The bias binding cost me more at £1.20 so for £2.20 I now have a medium Stowe Bag.

Stowe Bag

So all in all a really good month again. I feel I know a little better how to change my work wear and just need to keep filtering more of it in.

Roll on June and Summer,

K xXx