Was That Summer?

Was that summer? Where have the last 4 months disappeared. Summer in West Yorkshire hasn’t been as sunny as down South. Mild but just not bright. After making holiday clothes for our early holiday in April/May I just found I was waiting for the hot spell to be inspired to made little tops and cotton skirts. What I did miss on holiday was crafting so on my return I bought dpns and sock wool and taught myself sock knitting from the internet and book. Girls its addictive and totally portable. My socks now travel everywhere with me. This is a little package I bought from The Knitters Attic


The Opal is amazing!! Look at how it knits up, its no effort magic.


I have done some sewing as well,

This was like fabric origami. Its the Hey June Santa Fe Top I made it in some Coral Art Gallery jersey I bought from The Village Haberdashery (hey I have shares I have to keep buying) and Etno Looming from The Drapers Daughter. These fabrics are a joy to cut and sew. They also wash and wear well. You get a lot of variations on this top and I will be making more. Actually I have a few Hey June patterns and they seem to suit me well.

A few of you (well most of you) refer sometimes to your growing fabric stash. I have decided each month I need to ‘stash dip’ and just use what comes out. Sometimes a fabric slides out and I think ‘Oh wow I forgot about that’ and other times I think ‘what was I thinking!’ This months fabric dip was a scuba I bought from Minerva Fabrics 2 years ago when I went to their open day. It said shorts to me. As the Belize pattern had just been released by Itch to Stitch that was it. This is another versatile pattern as it also has a skort version too. As I only had 1m shorts it was. These are a great length for me and being as loud as they are will go with any colour tee. Scuba will be great for holidays as it washes and dries easily and doesn’t need ironing, perfect in my book.


Simplicity 2226 is a skirt everyone has made but me. The sewalong suggests making the waistband first as its a big fit. I took the advise, made it up, putting in my first zip.

Yes we all have to start somewhere, do you remember your first zip?

Result was massive. But the fabric is so lovely I have had to take it apart (don’t you hate that). I have left the zip attached and am just taking in the sides of the waistband and re gathering the panels. It will have to be lined but I should be able to wear this as an autumnal item.


Last month I went to Yarndale. A woolly gathering at Skipton Action Mart. This was a riot of colour, yarns, people and crafts old and new. Spinning, felting, knitting and crochet everywhere. I did succumb to a few hanks of sock wool (did I mention its addictive). The entrance was covered in bunting and little knitted or crochet sheep. The sheep had been donated by people all over the country and some even from abroad. I follow the blog of Postcard from Gibraltar and I knew she had posted over Llanita and I found her. Not Mrs Postcard (we missed each other) but Llanita and I brought her home!!

The green and cream wool to the left has little flecks of colour in it and its not really my colour but its called Gin & Tonic so it had to come home with me. The middle one is named Explosion in a Dye Factory by Sylvan Tiger. Its already been knitted and today my friend from Shoreham by Sea went home wearing the socks. Quite appropriate as she and the wool are from Leeds.

So that’s summer finished for this year and we are onto Autumn. I have some lovely cord to make a skirt with and I must make a Coco as I think I must be the only sewist not to have made one.    Yet!

Happy Sewing

K xXx





17 thoughts on “Was That Summer?

  1. Looks like a lovely 4 months spent learning how to knit beautiful socks, amongst other projects. Aside from being envious over your fabulous yarn choices, I really like your idea to dip into stash each month. Will try to emulate!

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      1. Agreed!
        Just had a thought – if we dip more than once in a month, could/should that be allowed to carry over? You know, just in case the next month doesn’t lend itself to stash busting? Lol!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing socks! I’ve got Simplicity 2226 which I’ve never got around to making up despite seeing so many great versions of it around. Useful tip about the waistband which I will follow when I get round to making it. I love your fabric so definitely worth making the adjustments. xx

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  3. Learning to knit socks are getting near the top of my to do list. Love how the pattern is created! I must have got lucky with the weather as Tuesdays have been mostly scorching when I’ve played golf. 😀

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  4. I love my hand knitted socks, but my big toes are so long that I get holes in them after wearing them half a dozen times. I would wear nothing else on my feet otherwise, as they are so much nicer than the commercial variety. No, I can’t remember when I did my first zip – circa 1975 probably!!

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  5. Love the skirt, it will be so versatile. I darent learn to knit socks, I don’t need another addiction, but could be persuaded by the gin and tonic wool! I am focusing on gloves and scarves, as I need those. I also have at least 28 pieces of fabric in my stash, but am always on the look out for good quality jersey or ponte Roma. I have made another wrap dress I love from an art gallery fabric I love that I need to blog or put on Instagram. I love the coco pattern and wear them a lot in the autumn/winter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the Art Gallery fabrics. I love a bargain but sometimes you do get what you pay for. Now I know how to knit on dpns I am going to try gloves next K xXx


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