Happy New Year?


Hello all and a very Happy New Year!!

Mine was to start with a good blog review and a few resolutions and ………

my laptop showed me the blue screen of death (don’t you just love Windows 10!!)

I didn’t think I had too much to offer until I went through my IG feed from 2016.

This is where I list all my makes as a record and I was surprised and encouraged.

I invested in The Village Haberdashery and am now a shareholder

(read here an excuse to buy from them to keep them going!!)

I sponsored the Kickstarter for Ernest Wright which was massively successful.

I was a pattern tester which was a globally amazing experience (still to be released)

Participated in Me Made May 16 whilst on holiday. This is a real eye opener as to what you have and what you need. You really see where the shortages are. We ‘up North’ also get to see lovely summery tops and dresses in the South on IG whilst still wearing our Lindens!

Whilst on holiday I also realised I needed a portable craft hobby and on my return taught myself (with help from the Internet) how to knit socks. I now have eight pairs and made a Stowe bag to keep my project in.

Makes included 1 blouse, 2 leggings, 2 shorts, 3 skirts, 4 dresses, 5 knickers, 3 sweatshirts, 12 tops a cowl and a shrug. Some are more useable than others but I learnt so much from making them all. Unselfish makes were for Dogs Trust Christmas fair which I try to do each year.

Sharing information, hints and tips has been a massive part of this year. IG, blogs and meeting people in real life has restored my faith. The start of the year was my first meeting of the Yorkshire Spoolettes and later in the year I visited Yarndale.

So to 2017 and I just want the same and more. The only thing I have resolved to do is cut out the buying for a little while, well 6 months actually. Before Christmas I had to ‘find’ a dining room and spare bedroom for visitors and I had a little panic packing away fabric and patterns out waiting to be created. If I made an item each day for the rest of the year I don’t think I would repeat or even run out and that is shocking. My last make of 2016 was a TATB Cleo, thank you akathimberlina, with some beautiful Liberty Rossmore Corduroy that I bought from Sewbox more than 2 years ago. I have so many lovely fabrics that will need re washing before sewing and stash dipping can be exciting, so much to re discover. My namesake Karen from thesewingmiserablist has written a post ‘How long can 6 months be?’ and I have committed to join her and I am now looking forward to it.

So each month I will record how much I have ‘saved’ by Sewing my Stash (think that will become my hash tag this next year. Wish me luck!

So on that note and with a pity poor photo short blog, (thank you again Windows 10) I leave you with my last make of 2016 and a stash dip. Yes its mutton dressed as lamb but I love it!!


Happy Sewing

K xXx