Mix and Match PJ’s

I love to see the amazing fabrics and clothes others seem to find in charity shops but the people of Morley must have true Yorkshire thrift as I search but never seem to find anything suitable. We do have a lovely Wilko and when passing the soft furnishing area I can often be found stroking the duvet covers on display. This one especially. Foliage has been a massive influence on fabrics this year and I love them all (especially this one!)

Image result for wilko duvet

Whilst ironing tee shirts I decided a plain RTW green tee was no longer suitable for outside wear but would be OK still for nightwear. Ooh that meant I needed some fabric and a whoops a double duvet fell into my shopping basket. This is a reversible duvet, greens on one side that look broken as if over washed and similar pattern on the other side but in a light and darker cream colour. A double duvet is 2m square so plenty of fabric.

Quite a while ago I bought an online class by The Thrifty Stitcher Claire-Louise Hardie I often think I have bad habits and taking a class like this is full of hints and tips. If you don’t know you are doing something wrong, you will just keep on doing it wrong. The class I bought has a pyjama bottom pattern perfect for my duvet. Simple, quick, elastic waist, perfect.

Tatty tee and new long jimjams

Then we had the heatwave week, or summer as it was called in Yorkshire!!

I am never ready with shorts pj’s for summer or holiday so it seemed a good time to try a pattern with my duvet fabric. My pattern stash included the Reef Camisole & Shorts by Megan Nielsen, perfect for a contrast fabric. What a great pattern. Everything went together so smoothly. The crossover back straps are comfy and don’t fall off your shoulders in the night and the fit has plenty of drape to keep you cool. The hem is curved so I pressed up a narrow hem and used the right inside notch of my standard foot to sew close to the edge, then I trimmed with my duckbilled scissors and pressed up again a narrow hem. Then I used the left inside notch of the standard foot to sew again. It worked really well as you can see in the photos. One seam line on the outside but two lines on the inside. A really neat narrow hem.

The pattern bottoms have 2 choices and I chose the higher rise. They have an elasticated waist and shaped facings along the bottom edge. You sew the shorts then add the facings to enclose the bottom edge by top-stitching. To make sure this didn’t all slip I actually basted. So relaxing and for the short time it took me it meant a smooth, flat result with no puckering.

The gold/yellow thread is the basting thread. I am trying to make things better and finish things off well. Especially as pj’s have a lot of washing/wearing in their lives.

So here they all are and I love them all, even if I have to put the shorts away. Its getting chilly here now on a morning. Must be due another holiday hehe.

In case you are interested, yes I have fabric left, mostly the lighter colour. I have already lined a bag and still have enough left for another pair of either cropped or long leg pj’s. I think I will try wearing them for a while and see how they wash. The scraps will not be put away but totally used.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Sewing K xXx

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