A Snugly Skye Wrap

Hello and welcome to my November blog for Fabrics For All Leeds.

It’s a quick one as this pattern is so easy to make. It’s been on my ‘to do’ list for ages and now I have made one I have so many more ideas for mixing and matching fabrics.


This is the Skye Wrap by Coolcrafting even if you don’t make this just go and have a look on Google at the images as there are some really clever fabric combinations. It’s a simple pattern and there has been a lot of chatter on Facebook and the likes about whether this should be a pattern as its is just a combination of fabric sizes but I ignored these comments and bought the pattern. Its £5, so not a bank breaker, and some clever person at Coolcrafting has gone to the trouble of checking fabric widths and measurements to make sure this wrap has little fabric waste and sits really nice on the shoulders of most people. I believe it’s important to credit the pattern owners as it takes both time and money to publish patterns.

On that note Sarah has some of here own creations for sale as kits in the shop. Next time you are in the shop have a look. Sarah, get them on the website!

Fabrics For All has quite a lovely selection of wool fabrics in store both plain and patterned. Some time ago on Instagram Melissa @fehrtrade bought some pink graphic print from Dublin and I lusted after the fabric but didn’t feel up to pattern matching. When I saw that Sarah had this in the shop in both blue and pink check I had to have some of the pink for the wrap (obviously the straight edges and lack of pattern matching had a big influence). Lots of people have their Skye Wraps lined in beautiful cotton lawns but Sarah advised if wearing this as an outdoor garment I was better to have a silky  lining then it would slide over jumpers and not stick. Plenty of lining choice but once I saw this pink nothing else mattered.


For once I didn’t wash my fabrics. As an outer wrap I don’t expect it to get too dirty and I didn’t want to take the body out of the wool. The main fabric outer is a measurement of minimum fabric width and you buy the correct length to get the outer rectangle. With this print being checks it was easy to square off. My lining fabric was a little shorter than recommended but it doesn’t matter too much it just means the outer fabric is folded in a bit more.

This is me trimming and pinning on my landing as you need a big floor or table space.


The two shorter edges are sewn together first and I just overlocked them. It’s a good firm seam and it trimmed to size and finished all in one go.


The outer is larger than the lining as you can see here so the two outer sides fold over inwards so when finished you just get a peep of lining. Then you can pin and sew the long edges leaving a large gap to turn out.

The gap is hand stitched closed and then measurements are given for button placement. I bought some hot pink buttons to match my lining. These are sewn through all layers and that’s the Skye Wrap finished.


A really easy sew and so versatile. What about making it in a fleece or a chunky rib jersey with a soft lining. Mine is perfect for travelling to work in the car, my arms are free but my shoulders and back are covered and warm. Speed wise there is plenty of time to make one for either yourself or someone special as a Christmas pressie.


I wonder how many of you also have this on the ‘to do’ list? Go on give it a go.

Thanks to Fabrics for All for providing me with the fabrics, the pattern and choice of what I made were my own.

Happy Sewing

K xXx


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