More Filey than Fuerteventura


Hello and welcome to a little ray of sunshine in this very unsettled world.

This is me last year in Fuerteventura and should be me next week but……no. In the great scheme of things it’s not the end of the world but drastic changes are happening and not all of them are in our control but we have to support local shops that we would like to still be there when we come out of the tunnel, whenever that is.

On that note this is my March blog for Fabrics for All in Leeds. Sarah is still open for business in person and on line and its up to us to help and support her and our other local shops

So…..that top I am wearing is no longer with us. I came home with a new pair of black shorts and this top ended up in the same wash load and was ruined. It’s a Maria Denmark Signe Top  and dress. My original top was in a single jersey and I knew I needed something with a little more body but really good stretch and recovery as I wear this over my bikini top when we go walking so I don’t get strap marks. Sarah has a lovely selection of suitable jerseys for this top and I chose this cactus print. Look at the other choices though.

This is such a quick and easy make. The front is double layers with the upper front and  straps all in one piece. The two layers are sewn together and turned right side out, then sewn to the lower front piece. The back piece has elastic sewn to it’s top edge then it’s turned over and sewn again enclosing the elastic. Sew sides together, hem and finish, easy.

By this time I was really into #memadeholiday2020 and having bought this lovely gold dotted fabric for Christmas decided on a Burda pattern I had seen @fehrtrade make for herself and her mum. I hate tracing out so bought this pattern from the US Burda site as a single pdf. Very faffy but well worth it.

I am really trying to slow down and finish my makes neat and tidy. This Okeo Tex Glitter Dot Poppy fabric sewed like a dream. As usual I washed it first then had a panic about ironing and melting the dots but it actually took the steam iron perfectly with no change. The very odd shaped sleeves are a double layer of fabric. The inner curve you can see is where they are sewn to the armholes. I took my time and fully basted these before sewing to make sure everything went together ok and it did.

The neck band went on perfectly by using 75% of measurement and I zig zagged the seams down to finish. The hems were pressed up, sewn and trimmed on the inside with my trusty Ernest Wright duck billed scissors. It leaves a really neat edge.

Last but not least is my Maria Denmark Birgitte Basic Tee I make a new one of these for most of my holidays. It has a lovely shape, not too fitted but not boxy and the neck line for me is perfect (also just seen it’s on sale!) Again I was looking for a jersey with some body and excellent recovery. This seagull fabric is certainly more suitable for Filey.

Carefully pinned fabric for stripe matching and my trusty walking foot meant the sides look ok. For the neck band I measured 75% again and made sure the dark blue edge showed.

So I am beach ready now whenever we can fly again or desperately hoping for a fantastic Yorkshire summer.

Thank you to Sarah Fabrics for All for providing these lovely fabrics. The fabrics and patterns I made were my choices.

Lets stay safe out there and try to ensure we all come out the other side by supporting our local shops.

Happy Sewing K xXx

2 thoughts on “More Filey than Fuerteventura

  1. Christine’s looking fabulous in her new clothes, gutted that you can’t be showing them off in the sunshine. I’m thinking of arranging an outdoor meet up, somewhere like Oakwell hall, we can wear a nice frock and wellies and keep as safe distance. You up for it Karen🤔 xx

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