Down the Rabbit Hole

Hi crafter’s, how are you all coping out there. I should have been abroad so took a week off work anyway. Went back to work as a key worker but have now been furloughed.

Comments on Instagram make me believe we are all in the same way of thinking. It’s hard to concentrate too long on anything. My house should be spotless and my garden perfect but it isn’t, yet!

What we all need are little projects that hold our attention for 30 mins which we can put down and come back to later. Cooking, baking, sock knitting and a little hand sewing.

Sarah @fabricsforall has created lots of little kits and her latest kit is a picture kit of a hand embroidered hare I was lucky enough to be one of her testers for this kit and really enjoyed the process.


Everything comes in a little paper bag, instructions, fabrics, threads and a pattern ready to cut out.


After cutting out the pattern you have to choose which fabric you would like each piece to be made of.

When you are happy then you can trace the shapes onto Bondaweb and fuse to the back of the fabrics in reverse ready to cut out.


The plain backing fabric is also provided and you can then bond the pieces in the right place.


Then the fun starts and you embroider around or on top. Eyes, nose and outlines.

You can see this can all be done in little stages, it can be put down and picked up when you need to keep your hands busy.

I loved doing this and can imagine it in blue or pink fabric highlights, framed with a child’s name and date of birth above and below it. It will make a lovely keepsake.

I had forgotten how much I love hand sewing and have ended up buying the Luna Lapin book ready to make a rabbit. Sarah has all the different felts in stock for Luna and has provided me with some to make my first Luna. Go have a look at the website and guess which colour I have chosen. Sarah is still posting out regularly and I have just bought this rhapsody fat quarter pack ready to make Luna some clothes.

Thanks to Sarah for the embroidery kit and for reigniting my love of hand sewing, also for the felt ready for my first Luna. I think I am ready to fall down that rabbit hole.

Happy sewing K xXx

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