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Hello, happy August, hope your summer is a warm, safe and happy one. I am still at home on furlough. To keep busy I have volunteered for any and every sewing pattern test as this really pushes me to try new styles and techniques I might otherwise avoid or put off (I am the worlds worst procrastinator!)

When you test there might be more than one version needing to be sewn up and so you need to sew with the recommended fabric but not your best/most expensive fabric until you know the pattern works OK for you without lots of adjustments.

Homer & Howell recently released their Innes pattern this is my version one I made for them before they made a few slight adjustments. I love it!

Homer & Howell Innes Top

So when hunting through my stash for suitable fabric I obviously came across lots of other fabric, bought online usually but by the time they arrived I had moved onto the next project, come on its not just me, is it?

Sarah at Fabrics for All has a growing collection of haberdashery so I thought for a different blog a visit was in order to match some of my fabrics to patterns I already own.

The weather was lovely when I visited and I had just brought out my wooden bench into the garden, it needs re staining but definitely needed new cushions to perk it up. Sarah had some waterproof canvas and I bought just enough to make 2 18 inch cushion covers. These are very basic fold around envelope covers. This fabric sewed so easy on my machine and with no fraying there are no seams.

Just short of a gin & tonic

So, back to habby. One of the fabrics I rediscovered was bought originally to make a heatproof case for someone who travels a lot (or did!) to put her straighteners in but a hurtful comment stopped me and the fabric went into stash. Perfect for me for one of those drawstring makeup bags. I don’t wear make up but it will be useful in the Moho or holidays for carrying toiletries. To avoid waste I worked out how big a circle I could cut (19 inch) with a little strip of fabric down the side left for a covering flap. There are many tutorials on YouTube and I just picked one that suited by needs and fabric.

Can you see the drawn circle?

So this is my drawn circle using a pen and a piece of tape pinned to the centre and I cut out two circles. The drawstring needs a channel to run through and Sarah has a good selection of bias binding I picked red and with it you fold the bias in half and pin all around the right side of one circle piece, folding in the two short edges to leave a gap for the drawstring.

All the pins

With the scrap of fabric left you cut two pieces 6 x 3 inch, round one short side and sew them together leaving a gap down the side to turn. Turn through, press the open edge in and top stitch all around the edge. This is then sewn to the other circle.

The covering flap

The flap part covers the other circle where the drawstrings come out. With right sides facing the two circles are sewn together leaving a turning gap down the side. Sew, turn, press and top stitch around the circle.

And this is the end result with red cord from Sarah,

Finished result

Thrilled with this simple make I wanted to move on to simple bag making. Spencer Ogg has an amazing Facebook group where people share hints and tips and she has a free pattern for a sanitiser pouch and coin purse on her site which I decided to make before making the Sport Luxe Tote

For this I had this bee and dragonfly stash fabric but need a lining for my bag, interfacing and more cord. Sarah to the rescue. She has plenty of cottons to match to my outer fabric and different weight interfacing so I tried medium and heavy. She is also great at picking matching thread something I am useless at. This is the fabric I picked for my lining.

On the left are my sanitiser and coin pouch which I use to keep clean masks in and on the right are some pouches I posted to an online friend.

When you buy the Spencer Ogg Sport Luxe pattern it comes with a link to a YouTube video which holds your hand and shows you one seam at a time how to make the bag. This was good for me as there are two zips, one outside and one to make an inside pocket. All new techniques for me.

Inside zipped pocket. Thank goodness for wonder tape!

D rings, handles and front zip under a flap, my bees are lined up but not pattern matched, oops.

I also learnt that pins are no good, they wont go through all the layers and distort the fabric too much so nothing lines up. Luckily I have loads of wonder clips.

Birth of a bag.

Birth of a bag through the lining, fascinating, it never ceases to amaze me.

Press, press, press. Then a bit of top-stitching around the top to hold everything in its place. Then the fun bit of threading the cords through the top. So this bag has handles if you want or draws up with the cords to be a backpack.

It fits loads in but isn’t an over large bag and it has given me so much more confidence with bag making.

So that’s my habby blog for August for Fabrics for All. It was great to choose a lining to compliment my bag outer fabric, the interfacings were both brilliant and have given the bag shape and structure and will avoid it going baggy in use. The cords and bias finish my makes off perfectly.

Thank you Sarah. Fabric and habby were gifted but what I made were my own choices.

And if anyone is missing Heather, don’t worry she is still about!

Happy Sewing K xXx

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