An Old Lady in her Pants & Vest!

He-he lets see how many views this gets on the internet.

Sorry, hello and welcome to my September blog for Fabrics For All.

Don’t you just love it when the perfect fabric meets the perfect pattern at the same time. Back in August I went to see Sarah and bought the fabric for my garden cushions.

She had just had a jersey delivery in and this tencel jersey in grey just jumped out at me. I had just been accepted as a pattern tester for Made It Patterns new Go Shorties and Cami pattern and this looked perfect.

We started with the shorties and I used spare offcuts of jersey fabric.

First test versions

These first two pairs were in size 16 (my waist size) and size 14 (my hip size) because these are in a really stretchy jersey both are ok and I have worn both pairs mostly as very comfy sleepwear.

The pattern was tweaked and I felt confident with the changes to make the next ones in the ‘proper’ test fabric. My goodness, all my underwear needs to be made from tencel jersey. It’s soft, stretchy with great recovery and the colours stay with washing (because these have been washed many times!)

These are NOT old lady knickers! these are dream pants. This pair is finished with bands and due to the excellent stretch recovery of the fabric I didn’t use elastic as you can/should. I had made the cami too but we were waiting for a colourblock version to test so I made sure I had enough fabric and made a Rest Vest with some plain black jersey I had.

Rest Vest and Go Shorties
Rest Vest

I have walked in these, cycled, run, lounged and slept. The perfect fabric and pattern combination. Made It Patterns really are clever.

Then we were given the next pattern test with colour combining options. I picked out the mustard within the pattern and this was the result.

Perfect Go Shorties & Cami

These are just so clever. The construction like the Rest Vest is clear and effective. You even get options of how to complete. Fold over elastic or bands. One colour or more. They really are excellent for using all those little scraps you might have in your stash!!

What only me?? No I didn’t think so.

I haven’t yet made the colourblock Go Shorties but I will in reverse with my tencel scraps. Nothing of this fabric will be wasted.

I notice that Sarah has more tencel jersey in store so need to go visit. All underwear needs to be in this fabric.

Thank you Sarah, Fabrics For All for gifting me this fabric and Made It Patterns for letting me help test this pattern.

What are you waiting for, go, go go.

Happy sewing,

K xXx

2 thoughts on “An Old Lady in her Pants & Vest!

  1. Hey lady, you’re not old! Or if you are we’re both old together, haha. Looking good too, those pants fit you really well. I’m looking for a good pattern, fed up of the fit these days of RTW. Very brave, as well, I’m so pleased more and more people happy to share these kind of photos. You get to see stuff on “real” bodies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha 😄 hubby can’t believe it. I have spent years hiding and now I am posting photos in my knickers. It is what it is. Childbirth, surgery and a body well lived in. Yes its good more people are sharing real life. We are all normal 😚 K xXx


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