Christmas Outfit Sorted

Well that’s my Christmas outfit sorted. After months of wearing only lycra (cycling) or lounge wear (pyjamas) I really think I need to make an effort if only for my poor hubby.

Having been furloughed most of this year and then redundant I have used some of my free time to help pattern test. Homer and Howells brought out the Innes this year which I helped test so when they asked if I wanted to help test their Lennox I was straight in. Their patterns and instructions are a little bit different and produce some lovely results.

40 plus years ago I had an incident with a boilersuit bought from Marks & Spencer. I was early teens and going out with my then boyfriend and later husband. A family Christmas party at his parents house meant I needed a new outfit, a black cord zip up with a white polo neck long sleeve jumper underneath. I was the bees knees (I thought) until I went to the loo and the zip came off in my hand!!! Mortified is the word you are looking for. After shouting for hubby he had to get me a needle and thread and I had to lay down on the floor and sew myself in. Everyone wanted to know what was happening and I just wanted to get home asap. Never again I said. Until now.

I knew I didn’t want to make a linen or denim one, yet, as that’s what the Homer & Howells test versions were in and I had seen some lovely aubergine cotton in Fabrics For All which I hoped would be OK.

Leeds was on lock down at the time and Sarah had been in store sorting posting orders and click and collect. A quick phone call and after I described what I was making she confirmed this would be suitable. Its actually nicer in real life. It has a really rich colour and lovely soft smooth handle. It sewed like a dream and took a press nicely.

That’s the benefit of having someone to talk to and ask advice. Buying the wrong fabric can be costly and demoralising when it doesn’t sew like you need it to.

This is a really clever design. Full length legs or cropped and a shirt option. Its made as a top with collar (excellent instructions, its only my 3rd collar) and trousers with a zip. Again really clever instructions which I had no problems with. The two parts both have tailoring folds in them and are then put together with a waistband. You can see here in this photo. You can also put elastic in the back waistband to give a different effect.

Pockets!!! Did I mention it has pockets.

When I took these photos I didn’t have the poppers to close the front. I still don’t. These must be lost in the post so this is held together with sellotape and safety pins. Sound familiar?

This will be great with a thin jumper under in cooler weather (like the white polo I had) but because I made the cropped version it will be great in warmer weather, when we can get out and about. I definitely need more collar practice but I am really pleased with the results.

Go have a look at the #hhlennox there are some amazing versions and the pattern is available with a discount until Christmas.

Well done Homer & Howell for another fabulous pattern.

Thank you Sarah Fabrics For All for the fabric, it really does suit the pattern well.

Season Greetings and happy sewing K xXx

2 thoughts on “Christmas Outfit Sorted

    1. Just seen your Zadie its stunning and your catwalk is perfect. The Lennox has quite a few different options that’s why I like it. Not sure of the other one K xXx


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