Bob Pants for #memademay2021

Hello long time no see. I didn’t do too bad blogging last year but like everyone else life sometimes gets in the way of blogging and being sociable.

This is a blog for Fabrics For All. Sarah has been open all lockdown for phone advice, click and collect and posting and now the shop is open. Because there is nothing nicer than going in knowing what you came in for and coming out with more. Don’t worry we all do it.

As a woman of a certain age cool fabrics really appeal and linen is a super fabric for layering to feel comfortable. I haven’t yet accepted the creased look though. I can see my mum looking over and saying ‘has your iron broken?’ but a perfect compromise is viscose linen. Oh my goodness. This fabric washes well, irons beautifully, will take a press and gives me enough of a gentle crinkle to still feel comfortable.

Style Arc Bob Pants

Just look a that colour, its going to look lovely with a tan (or rust as its raining at the moment in Yorkshire)

I think everyone except me has made at least one pair of Bob Pants and I can see why. Style Arc instructions are few but complete, you just have to make sure you understand what you are reading. So these go together so quickly. I did make sure every edge was overlocked as I think in warmer weather these will be worn and washed regularly. They will go with flats and a tee shirt for casual work wear and also with a nice top and sandals for a visit to a pub garden (remember them?)

Look at that lovely overlocking.

Look at that overlocking, the fabric took it so nicely. I usually mix three colours and these were black, gold and cream but the seams were sewn in white.

The only issue I had was when I came to the elastic. The instructions have you sew the elastic to the waistband, fold and then sew the waistband to the top of the trousers. With a stable fabric I can see that works ok but this linen mix has a soft weave and is therefore mobile when trying to sew the waistband on.

This is the elastic being sewn along the middle of the waistband

As so many others have successfully sewn these I put the question to Instagram and the majority of people agreed that it was easier to sew on the waistband and then put the elastic in, so that’s what I did and everything looks fine.

So do I like them? No, I love them. They feel cool and comfortable and in this fabric they feel smart. I know I am going back for some more of this viscose linen mix, it will be perfect for shorts and skirts too.

Of course its #MeMadeMay2021 and my little sidekick Heather wanted some too and as long as I cut my pockets off bias I had enough to make her a pair too.

Garden photos in the rain

For anyone who doesn’t know, Heather was created after seeing Sarah’s Luna Lapin rabbits. From felt again provided by Sarah. Most of Heathers clothes and accessories are created at the same time as mine. Cutting out can be really fiddly at times but always worth it. This is todays Me Made May of No Socks Day. The day when it should be warm enough to ditch the socks and get our toes out. In the interest of honesty these photos were taken yesterday when it was ‘spitting’ as today it is definitely raining. Roll on summer.

I really recommend this fabric its so soft and easy to work with.

Thank you Sarah, Fabrics For All for gifting me this fabric. What I made from it was my choice.

Happy Sewing K xXx

2 thoughts on “Bob Pants for #memademay2021

  1. Nice to see you both over here! Oh, I looove viscose and would love to love linen, but decent quality is so expensive over here! I’ve found (sometimes) a cotton/linen piece that pleases sensibility & wallet. Deee-lighted to know about this viscose-linen combo!

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