Hi I am Karen. I live and work in Morley nr Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I have been following blogs for more than 3 years whilst working and training at Leeds College in Accountancy. This meant very little sewing time but I managed time to buy patterns and fabrics and then pretend in my head I had completed makes. Or is that just me? My final study year I crashed and burnt badly. Moral at its lowest I started sorting what I had bought and trying to sew again. I started IG as a record of my makes and was amazed at the help, friendliness and community that is out there. You have restored my faith and now when I make a mistake I can see it as a lesson learnt and there is always someone to advise how perhaps to do it better next time. Because there will be a next time now.

I also run, not well and certainly its not pretty but its good for me mentally and physically.

My aim with sewing it to try and make my world more colourful .

K xXx

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