Me Made Work & Others Bits

As with blogging my MMMay16 was a little toe in the water. Although I have been watching you all for the last four years I only really started making things this year but after the success of my Me Made Holiday I had to give it a go.

Papas Fish Restaurant

Weekends aren’t a problem as I wear casual most of the time except for when we went out to Papas Fish Restaurant for Pats birthday (FIL’s girlfriend) and I wore my Lady Skater dress. But I wanted to address my main dress problem for work. I work with Management in an accounts office where the men all wear suits. I am not nor ever will be an accountant but still need to look smart. As soon as May comes around some others get out the flip flops whilst I am still in black skirts and court shoes. Yuk, I need more colour.

One top I made last month was the Scarlett Cowl by Patty Do English, only 2.99 Euros this looks ok with my plain black skirt. As my tummy is as wide as my hips I need to go back and take off the flare. This is one of those wash and wear viscous jersey fabrics for less than £10 per metre that doesn’t need ironing. A winner in my book.

Scarlett Cowl

Next came 2 skirts. Dragon Fly fabrics sell offcuts and I pounced on a 80cm offcut of their Raspberry Ponte Jersey for about £7 or £8, perfect for a Mabel. I didn’t fancy the negative ease, having a round tummy, thank you, so I cut a large but it was massive. So I just re over locked the seams again, trimming a few cms off all around. I have left it unlined for now but for winter and thick tights I will either line it or make a suitable underskirt.

The next skirt I made was the Liesl & Co Everyday Skirt. Girls this is a fabulous pattern. It has a front, back and sides. The front and sides are sewn together and then the front is gathered slightly so it all matches the waistband length. The waistband is sewn on and then top stitched.

I hand basted it first to keep it all tidy. My Bernina came with a blind hem foot which I lined up against the edge of the waistband and moved the needle over until it did a lovely topstitch. Then the back it sewn on. This is higher than the waistband on the front and sides so when sewn on it folds over level making a casing which you separate into two channels to insert elastic.

Twin casing

Wow that sounded more complicated than it is. Basically you have a front with kind gathers, flat sides so you don’t look too hippy and a gently elasticated back. OMG I forgot to say, it has pockets too between the front and the sides.

Everyday Skirt

My last make was my second Moneta in some lovely weight, randomly dotty, aubergine jersey from Fabworks. I only live and work about 3 miles away so I went to collect my order in my lunch break. Chatty me ended up meeting the family (including Lucy the dog) and having a little tour around. Let me tell you girls this was torture!! Lovely people, yards of stunning fabric. I just want to go work there with them all now (please George I am very versatile).

The Moneta has turned out lovely and will be perfect for work. I see a lot more of these in my life and in Autumn I will just make more with longer sleeves.

The other bits I mentioned are socks. I don’t know about you all but I sew upstairs and sometimes feel a bit guilty leaving hubby (unless he is watching the Motor Racing) alone for too long. I found one set of 4 needles in my house (far too big) and a kind beginners pattern on line and had a go. I love sock knitting now. So much so I ordered the right size needles for the wool and pattern I have (and more wool and a book). I am now on my third sock. Having one to fit Big Foot and 2 for me. I put the two different sized socks on IG to show how important tension and the right size needles is.


Then obviously I needed a bag to carry around my project. We have a market in Morley and there is a curtain making stall where they sell the offcuts for £1. Bargain. The bias binding cost me more at £1.20 so for £2.20 I now have a medium Stowe Bag.

Stowe Bag

So all in all a really good month again. I feel I know a little better how to change my work wear and just need to keep filtering more of it in.

Roll on June and Summer,

K xXx








Wow #MMMay16. This is my first with a blog and a gentle commitment but I have been watching probably 4 years and I find it so inspiring. New makes, refashions, hidden gems forgotten about. I am trying to address workwear. Fitting in with men in suits without dressing in black everyday.

Anyway. Before that kicked off hubby and I needed a little break and some sun. Our boy and his girlie felt the same so we joined up and booked a late holiday to Fuerteventura. 


As the weather had warmed up a bit in Yorkshire I decided to sort winter clothes away and pulled out my me mades and was a bit shocked how much I have so decided to do a #mmholiday.

Day 1

Travel to Manchester Airport. Hubby had a bad cold and I had started with a very sore throat. Hubby found me some anaesthetic in the form of a jug of Bloody Mary, yum. Here I am wearing a Bronte Top by Jennifer Lauren made from some lovely jersey from Minerva. I had forgotten how lovely this top is and must make some more.

Day 2

In the arms of Mother Earth (you were invited to sit on her lap!!) Wearing my knit scout tee in a lovely navy marl fabric from Fabric Godmother. 

Day 3

Keeping the cool evenings warm in my merino shrug. Fabric from KitschyCoo pattern is the Wendy Ward Brightside Shrug. Need this in summery colours now. Easy to sew and lovely and snugly to wear. 

Day 4

Maria Denmark Olivia Oversize Tee in hacci sweater knit from Girl Charlee Uk. Going to try this in jersey next, it’s a relaxed fit.

Day 5

Sorry this is really tacky. Birds of paradise jersey from EBay last year made into a Maria Denmark Drape Top. Perfect for holidays. I am stood in the the middle of the road I hope you know!

Day 6

Me and my hubby. Very comfy in my Inari Tee dress made from Waikiki blooms from Fabworks Mill shop. This was a steal at £6pm. I made the sleeves as cuffs as it seemed to suit the fabric better than a turn up.

Day 7

Me and Michelle. My boys girlie. This is my first and favourite dress. Lady Skater dress pattern and fabric from Kitschycoo. I think if I add a couple of inches to the length I can wear these to work.

Day 8 

  • 2 for the price of 1. Bargain fabric from B & M Leeds bought some time last year for £5. A Maria Denmark Signe Top and a Wendy Ward Walkley Top. Two tops perfect for hols.

Day 9

Gosh I love this dress. I spied @redwsews version on IG and bought the PDF straight away. I had this made in two days. The fabric is one of those lovely heavy jerseys that drapes beautifully. There will be more as work wear. Colette patterns Moneta dress. Fabric from North Bar Fabrics in Cherry Burton. A little gem of a shop.

Day 10

Holiday over and back to the airport in my Maria Denmark Birgitte Basic tee. This is made in a fabulous Art Gallery Knit from M is for Makes.  No longer in stock in this colour way. It’s not cheap but this fabric is lovely to sew and washes and wears well. This could be my new favourite tee pattern.

This was great fun. I fully understand now why people do MMMay. It has really inspired me to make more of what I need.

Right off to plan more workwear. 

Happy #MMMay16

K xXx

Spring has Sprung

Or so the saying goes. Looking at my IG reader it might have done down south but not yet in Yorkshire!!

Sewing has been good for me again this month, shall we start with the failure and move swiftly on?

The back end of last year I bought some pave jersey from Ditto Fabrics (Brighton, where the sun IS shining).£7.99 pm and I bought 2m. Do you buy fabric on line for one thing but then when it comes its not quite right so it goes on the stash? Good, glad its not just me! But now I have so many patterns and fabrics I need to start matching some up. I bought this because I loved it so much so it deserves to be made up. As it has a very fluid drape I decided on a So Sew Easy Wrap Top a free pattern of a wrap top with side pleats.

Pleats is a first for me (hey we all have to start somewhere) so I used my long ruler and a frixon pen and marked them across from the paper to the fabric, pinned and sewed. So far so good. Debbie has a really good video attached to this free pattern showing how its done. The Americans get to buy knit stay tape, Lucie from Love Lucie recommended buying by the metre and bias cutting strips. Faffy but it works. Only in this case I have ended up with a top with a very wavy edge. I used the walking foot and zig zagged it but its so bad I have unpicked it. Going to test a strip with narrow elastic behind and see if I can recover it. Its not yet gone in the box of shame (failures I get fed up with as they don’t work).

So moving swiftly on, one of the fabrics I bought on the Dewsbury Spoolettes day (but in Molescroft) was another very fluid viscous drapy jersey £14pm I bought 1m. I wanted a cowl neck but my previous one was very work inappropriate (the cash box in a lower drawer was very popular though, until I put it on the desk haha). Then I found through IG Patty Doo she has an English site and the patterns are 2.99 Euros and come with video demonstrations. I learn really well by watching and learnt a new way to do back neck binding. Sew a strip of jersey right sides together to back neck then fold seam up and fold strip down over, fold again and sew. Really neat.

Next success was with some purple warm jersey from White Tree Fabrics bought sometime last year £10.06 pm and I bought 2m. After seeing some lovely Astorias on IG I thought it was time to try. Following surgery two years ago I have a very round tummy and my tummy and hips measure the same, bizarre I know so I am trying different styles to try to find what’s good and not. With skirts the Astoria is a hit. Its so easy to put together and after @redwsews had a problem with the neck and @daisy_crumpet replied to do a 25cm neck my first one went together lovely. Gosh I love this sewing community!



The silly make of the month were 3 ducks. Yes call me Hilda Ogden (Ali) but I don’t have a Muriel on the wall just a plain blue one. I inherited one of my sons old bedrooms and its still painted blue (his choice) I don’t mind as its relaxing but it is a bit boring. I bought The Makery Book and decided to do the ducks with a free gift of 3 coordinating fabrics from a magazine. They took some time to trace, cut, stitch and stuff but I think they are worth it and will certainly give me a smile when I see them.

Girls I won a competition!!!!!

I showed my knickers to the world and won a competition with Trixie Lixie I received some lovely packs to make up some more so that’s one thing on the list to do for April.

Also made this month was another TATB Agnes with the other metre of warm jersey. All jerseys behave differently and this ended up too wide on the shoulders. Hubby said ‘its fine get it worn’ but you know when your not happy. Enter the wonderful overlocker. I just pinned and nipped out a cm on the top of the arm hole seam and blended in. Its perfect now so I am trying to finish things properly.

So I great month for me. Roll on the month of April.

Ok that means back to the first item and the wavy front edge. Any thoughts anyone???

Happy spring sewing K xXx




Lemon Blooms

At the meeting of the Yorkshire Spoolettes last month a number of us bought similar or the same fabrics (great taste ladies). One I bought from Fabworks Mill Shop was this Lemon Blooms ponte double jersey £6 pm bargain!!

Ruth made it into a dress, fabby Ruth but I wanted to try the short sleeve Linden option B.

What a versatile fabric. The Linden is so easy to make and with the short sleeves it’s a breeze. I imagine this with a pair of denim shorts . Cuffs and hems are just turned and twin needled.

I bought 2m of this fabric and at the same time I cut this out I squeezed on a Bethioua Raglan. Seriously you need to google or IG this top. The sleeves are large and darted at the shoulder then go across the top of the shoulder to form the top of the back. In a stripe fabric this means the back meets with a chevron shape.

I have quite wide shoulders so until I get more practice raglan is good. This fabric doesn’t show off the pattern well but you can see the dart on the shoulder in the left bottom picture and the back where the sleeves meet on the top left. There is a choice of two cuff options fitted and loose fit. I chose fitted. My Fitbit is just behind the cuff but comfy as I tried this on yesterday and didn’t take it off. Also two choices of hem. Straight at the front and curved at the back or straight all around and a hem band piece. As I am wearing this with my Ooh La Leggings I went for bum covering curved hem. 

Two very easy and quick makes and both I will make again. I also bought some Waikiki blooms and yes it’s loud but lovely don’t you think for the short Linden for holidays?

Looking forward to seeing the makes of the other Yorkshire Spoolettes.

Happy Sewing K xXx

Colour has Been Resumed

  Following last weeks boring (but practical) black I needed to inject some colour back into my life. I keep putting my hand into the pile of fabric that is breeding and insisting what I pull out of it gets sewn before anything else. Tuesday’s treasure was a very thin galaxy jersey I bought on eBay April 2014 for £4.98. Bargain!! There was only just enough to squeeze out a TATB Agnes. It’s a bit psychedelic and hasn’t come out well in the photo but you can just seen Christine’s inner workings so you can see its thin.  Another 1m out of the stash though.
  Because I had sewn stash my next make gets to be a new buy. This was a Girl Charlee Sangria Bird Sweater knit in a lovely rich berry pink. My photo doesn’t do it justice.  I bought 1m for £9.45. It’s described as ‘light to medium weight perfect for tops, cardigans and cover ups’. The edges when cut drop little loops but it’s not fraying. I should have probably overlocked but I ended up just sewing zig zag and that’s worked out fine. For a pattern I chose the Olivia Oversize Tee from Maria Denmark in size large, described as super relaxed and easy to sew. Perfect match. I had to do the neck twice as usual but it unpicked ok and I think it looks better now. I can see this with capris, jeans or shorts. 

  The last item I finished this week was a UFO I found under the desk (the box of shame). Another jersey eBay, another Agnes. I think this was the second I did and remember being really disappointed. Now I realise it was not a fabric fail but just miss matched. White dots on pink very lightweight jersey. Another very cold snap in Yorkshire meant I needed more pyjamas. I had some where I didn’t like the top but the red bottoms were fine. Another practice neckline and a bit of finishing off and I had a another pair and another 1m ticked off as finished. Result.

  The top photo is a teeshirt I received through the post this week from Redbubble. As a sewing Trekie I couldn’t resist. I get dafter as I get older but hey, life is too short. 

So all in all a good sewing week.

Aim of this next week is to try some of the stitches on my new Bernina and crack on with my Dewsbury fabric makes.

Happy stitching

K xXx

Monochrome Madness


   One of the reasons for sewing was to try and control adding a little bit of colour into a drab world. I work in accounts where the men wear suits and I try not to blend in too much with the wallpaper. Very difficult (see the last photo) BUT we all need practical clothing that’s useful ie black. 

When I found this Swoon fabric from Faberwood I knew it had to join my life and how pleased was I when this goodie box came through the post. Honestly though I didn’t like the feel of the fabric but Fiona did say how to wash it and as a goodie I always do. That’s when it came to life. Once washed and ironed it was lovely and draped perfectly. I know it’s winter but I need some holiday/summer clothes and I am trying to sew a mix. I had seen the Luna pants pattern by Made by Rae when they came out and these have become a match made in heaven. I bought 2m and at £7.99 per half metre it wasn’t cheap but I think that shows. The fabric sewed beautifully and as I didn’t want to add bulk I pinked the inside edges. The pants have large pockets but the top inside is caught into the waistband so this holds them nice and flat. I have inserted the elastic waist but as I won’t be wearing them yet I have left the safety pin in (hoping the running mileage will increase soon and loose a bit of tub).

 The next black is a stunning merino that I bought last year from Kitschy Coo. First mistake was to cut out on the living room floor!! It’s distorted the fabric and it shows in the result. Hey ho wavy hem I am talking to you. Second mistake being so proud of my twin needling but not putting on the walking foot. Duh they do work together. Again I bought 2m at £10 per half metre and was determined to get two articles out of the length. I cut another TATB Agnes (no 6?) and a Wendy Ward Brightside Shrug ever practical. The shrug is so easy to put together. I tested a scrap on my overlocker and it was wavy but with the diff at 1.5 it went through perfectly. I had had to cut the shrug with a seam up the back to get it all on but you wouldn’t know. This is perfect for work when the heating goes off and we freeze upstairs. I will also make some in brighter colours for summer. 
So lessons learned. 

Don’t cut sweater knit on carpet. Don’t forget the walking foot on hems. Black has a place in the wardrobe just be selective and not too much.

Colour will resume next week.


Carpet cutting
Wavy hem Agnes

Brightside Shrug on Christine

Fabric walls!!

Hello world


Yesterday I met up with the Yorkshire Spoolettes. A lovely bunch of ladies all with blogs (mostly) and all organised by @akathimberlina. We grouped at a lovely cafe in Dewsbury and then went on to visit the market and then on to some of the best of the fabric shops in West Yorkshire. The first was #fabworksmillshop and my last as I had other commitments. The photo at the top shows my haul on the right. My lovely hubby knew I was missing out and made good time on the M62 so that I could have some time in a little shop we know just outside Molescroft. I bagged some lovely drappy viscose and 2 wool, jersey spandex mix. Perfect for my first attempt at a @fehrtrade #tessellatetee. They are the fabrics on the left. The dark ones have been washed and my challenge from Ali is to get my finger out and start blogging. Here starts my journey.