Hi Remember Me?

Hello long time no see.
I can’t remember why I stopped blogging but starting up again sometimes needs a good excuse.
This year has been good for my family so far. A holiday with the kids in January to set us up for the year. Then back and get ready for our sons wedding in May. Then hubby booked a holiday straight after and #memademay2019 turned into #memadeholiday.
As MIL I had offered to buy flowers as my Mum in Law had done for us and my mum bought the cake as my grandma had done. I was quite keen to buy and support local and wondered on holiday afterwards why I wasn’t doing this for fabric shopping.
A couple of shops I follow on IG had discussed ‘June of doom’ and it got me thinking of local shops I would be sad for if I had not supported them.
@trixielixiepics had some fabulous #washidress examples and I hadn’t realised the back was elastic so when we came back I asked hubby to take me into Leeds to find Fabrics for All joy of joy it’s just out of Leeds, is easy to find and has parking.
Fabrics for All
I only went in for some Washi dress fabric and although Sarah wasn’t in her hubby Neil was and he is a fabric buying enabler!!
Yes 3 not 1 but all gorgeous and I couldn’t leave them. Jersey, lawn and viscose.
Sarah had put out a note for anyone looking to Blog for her to get in touch and I thought this would get me back blogging and also get me buying local too win/win. There are lots of advantages of buying local.
No postage costs means more fabric.
There is nothing like handling fabric to make a better choice, how often have you ordered on line and the result isn’t what you needed for that project.
Help and advice in person. Sarah is knowledgeable and happy to help and advise.
My first month choice of fabric was another Lady McElroy 97% cotton 3% spandex in the glorious Savannah, lots more here . I had just bought the Sew House Seven pattern for the Free Range Slacks
This is another great pattern from Sew House 7 these pants having an elastic waist really appeals as I have a waist that changes size by the hour!
Cutting out was fun, making sure I didn’t have a tropical bird in an inappropriate place. My size needed 2.2m but a plain or non directional fabric would need less.
Sewing this fabric was a dream, new needle, and off I went. The pockets are HUGE there is even a top stitching guide as the pocket gets pinned behind and then sewn from the front.
You can’t see it on mine as the pattern is busy but there is a stripe down each outer leg. When the front and back leg are attached to it the seams are pressed inwards and then top sewn. This could really be a feature in a plain fabric with fancy top stitching, alternative fabric or a plain stripe with a patterned leg.
When the left and right legs are sewn together the seam is pressed to the right and again top sewn from the right side.
The waistband is added and turned inside to keep the clean lines and the elastic is added. These are really comfy pants and the lower legs have instructions for french seams and also flat felling so when they are rolled up everything is neat. I wasn’t sure what length I wanted these to be so I have just pinked mine for now and will adjust when I have worn them a few times.
So here they are the pants of happiness!!!
Although I needed all the length of this fabric for pattern placement there were some large and odd shapes of fabric left and bring a Yorkshire lass and this fabric being gifted waste is not an option – that would be rude!
So I made a hat – this is the Serpentine hat by Elbetextiles  I had some Pellon in stash so stiffened the brim with that. Instructions were easy to follow and I made a large with a green inner with some fabric bought for £1 from Morley Market.

I still had some left so made a Petal Pouch by Noodlehead, lovely to make and only cost the price of a zip.


And last but not least there was enough left still for an Ida Clutch by Kylie and the Machine, a free pattern, I must be the last person to make one and cost again the price of a zip!


This fabric was gifted but would have cost £32.89.

I made size large and I am happy with the relaxed fit.

Pattern was my own and cost £11.20 good value as I want to make again in a linen.

Happy Sewing folks,

K xXx



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